Greenbelt Farm 2020 Growing Season


Dear Friends:

As the growing season begins, the usual excitement and anticipation has largely been supplanted by global disruption and fear of Covid19.


At the nursery, we have just received clearance from the government to continue our core operation of growing and planting trees, though business will be far from usual. We are no longer a 24-7 drive- in retail nursery.


For the near future, we ask that if you are interested in our trees, please send requests via e-mail to:  

We will gladly verify availability and price for all such requests. We can assist in delivery and planting of stock as well as arranging a convenient time should you wish to pick up your trees and do the planting yourself.


For delivery orders, please ensure we have your proper municipal address or street number. If we are to install your trees, please provide a labeled flag in the ground where you want the tree to be planted. Make sure you have called for a utility locate well ahead of anticipated planting time.      Ontario One Call is a free service and can be reached at 1-800 400-2255


At this point, we only accept cash and cheques; no credit cards or debit. To comply with social distancing regulations, I can mail or

e-mail an invoice to you following the work . Pick-up orders will generally have an accompanying  invoice,  and a clipboard available to leave cash or cheque. We may gradually evolve to enable e-transfers as well.


We hope to have a new stock availability and price list up on the website shortly.


Thank you for your continued confidence in our trees. We maintain our commitment to supply the best stock available along with accurate horticultural information gleaned from more than 40 years of working  in the industry.


Sincerely, John Drummond

Offering low impact installations of a full range of tree sizes, from young stock to wire basket specimens for:
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