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Greenbelt Farm

The Tree Specialist

Our retail hours for the Summer Season are by appointment only

We gratefully accept cash, cheques and e-transfer.  

To place an order for pick up, please send requests via e-mail to:  We will gladly verify availability of your request.  We can assist in delivery and planting of stock as well as arranging a convenient time should you wish to pick up your trees and do the planting yourself.


For delivery orders, please ensure we have your proper municipal address or street number. If we are to install your trees, please provide a labeled flag in the ground where you want the tree to be planted. Make sure you have called for a utility locate well ahead of anticipated planting time. Ontario One Call is a free service and can be reached at 1-800 400-2255

Thank you for your continued confidence in our trees. We maintain our commitment to supply the best stock available along with accurate horticultural information gleaned from more than 45 years of working  in the industry.


Sincerely, John Drummond


We are a “family farm” producing quality trees and pure bred Devon cattle on our 150 acres. I represent the third generation of Drummonds to farm this piece of land. This is our 41st full season as a working nursery farm, and for more than one hundred years, the Drummonds have been caring for this little piece of land.  We are growing a diverse selection of top quality trees using natural methods. Our passion for roses continues. We offer a small selection of our favourite hybrid roses and we are increasing our production of hardy native seed grown roses. 

We offer low impact installation of a full range of tree sizes from young stock to more mature specimens for:

Urban Landscape Restoration

Farmstead Beautification

Roadside and Lane-way Planting

Farm Windbreaks

Wildlife Habitat

Woodlot Regeneration

Energy Efficient Landscapes


 I am no longer offering maintenance services or winter protection services.  As our herd of  Devons grow, those animals demand a greater proportion of my time, and as a life-long farmer, their value to soil conservation and rehabilitation becomes a critical part of my focus.  


The combined challenges of climate change, urban sprawl,  industrialized farming techniques, and  various pests and diseases, make the planting of trees more important than ever. We sincerely hope that we can be part  of a sustained response to such challenges.



Our nursery stock includes a very broad range of trees species and cultivars suited to this area. Choose from hundreds of trees ready to plant this season.


If stock is not available and your project must go ahead this year you may consider contacting any of the following retail nurseries. While we have no affiliation with these nurseries, they are assumed to be reputable, covering a substantial geographic range in Southern Ontario: Connon’s in Waterdown, Baseline in London, Grobe in Kitchener or Canadale in St. Thomas



Our plants are guaranteed to be true to name and are in good viable condition when sold. We have no ability to control weather, drought, lack of watering, improper planting, rodent damage, herbicide damage, mechanical/construction damage, or improper “care” techniques etc. Thus we cannot guarantee the viability of stock after purchase. Take good care of your trees. You are responsible for them now, just as we have taken full responsibility for their care during their life at our nursery.

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Greenbelt Farm: The Tree Specialist


The Tree Specialist

Offering low impact installations of a full range of tree sizes, from young stock to wire basket specimens for:

Urban Landscape Restoration

Conservation and Wildlife Habitat

Farmstead Beautification

Farm Windbreaks and Woodlot regeneration

Roadside and Laneway 

Energy Efficient Landscapes



ADDRESS: 5901 Perth Line 44, RR#5 Mitchell, Ontario, N0K 1N0

TEL: 519-347-2725  |

The nursery is open Saturdays 9-12 starting April 22. 

For answers to technical questions please contact us via email

We are located 5 miles North of Mitchell, 1/2 mile East of Bornholm on Perth Line 44.  Across the road from the John Deere dealer.

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